We have developed a great tool that helps you put procedures in place and restore some order to the business. The Bar Setup & Breakdown Checklist is to be used every day and every week. It has day to day jobs as well as cleaning tasks.

This Bar Setup & Breakdown Checklist doesn’t take much explaining. It is pretty much plug and play and change things where you see fit. I will put up screenshots for the Monday.

Lets take a look.


Bar setup



Here we have the template for the Monday Opening Procedure

I will only show Monday on here but template does obviously have set ups, breakdowns and cleaning lists for everyday of the week.

You can quite easily chop and change all the jobs around as well as delete and add your own as we understand that every bar is different.

Let’s take a look at Mondays Cleaning lists

Cleaning List


And finally the bar breakdown part, or ‘End of Night Clean down’ as it is sometimes referred to.


Breakdown Checklist


As we said at the start, it is all pretty much self explanatory but if you do have issues then let us know below and we will get right onto them.


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Joel Mitchell

Having worked within the hospitality trade for over 15 years I've done a lot. From scraping plates to the managing of 150+ staff and regularly creating thousands in revenue per week. My passion is creating a winning team that blows the competition away. There is no greater feeling than seeing the staff's achievements. So share away and let's all be better bartenders.

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