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The Event Par Level Tool

The Event Par Level Tool allows you to adequately stock up for that once in a blue moon event that would normally leave you with 50 extra bottles of Creme de Mure and Blue Curacao staining the stock room floor.

So next time you get the phone call that someone is renting out your event space and want a specialised cocktail list for their event, then have no fear just use this par level tool to make sure you don't over order.

It is simple to use but does need some extra input from the user. Let's take a look.


Please note: this is set to UK standard sizes. this can all be changed by you. If you would like other standards then drop us a comment and we will be happy to oblige.



Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 5.13.15 pm

Please note: these are example cocktail recipes and estimated figures

Step one

  • Make sure that the brand names on the left hand column are also the ones that you are using.
  • The next thing that you need to do is to input what cocktails you will be using and what specs for each ingredient.
  • Correct your ml size dependent on country - use this to do below
  • Correct the bottle sizes if needs be. If i have any of the bottle sizes wrong change them in the 'shots of 25ml per vessel' section, if so then just divide the bottle size by 25ml (or whichever your country uses) and thats the number you put in that column.

Now that you are set up you can input using the green cells

Step two

The top left corner is where you will put the size of the party and the estimated amount of drinks per person. Usually working off each person who is drinking having one drink every half an hour.

Step three

Split the total amount of drinks to be made between your cocktails and shots accordingly in the 'est sales=' sections. At the bottom is a handy variance tool so you have got the estimate number of drinks equal to the estimate number of sales of each cocktail.

Step four

Now this is the bit that requires some extra work from you. In the 'Est Usage (shots)' section you will need to input the data, or just simply add up, the figures that correspond to the ingredient name in the 'Usage per Cocktail' section. For example; if Stoli Vodka happens to be in 4 of your cocktails then you will add up the four corresponding lines and put that total figure into the 'Est Usage (shots)' section on the Stoli Vodka line.

Step five

This will then tell you how many of each bottle/ingredient you will need to service the needs of the party. It is under the 'How Many Btls To Buy' section but could easily be called how much stock on hand needed etc...


I hope this helps a few people out. As always, let us know of any problems and we will help out as much as we can

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bartenders resume

The Bartender Resume Tool

A lot of bartenders who are out of work each and everyday pound the pavement with a satchel full of bartender resume's and hand them out to each and every bar. We see this as a right of passage, every bartender as done this once or twice, if not more. But what if there was a way you could gain an edge?


You need that edge. You need to set your resume apart from all the rest of us. So what that you won an award in 2006 for an Espresso Martini competition. The employer isn't going to see this because they have another 60 CV's just sitting in their pigeon hole. Set yourself apart from the rest with an infographic resume.


Bartender Resume


The purpose of an infographic is to consolidate a large amount of information and present it in an appealing and insightful way, making it easy and interesting to digest. More importantly it demonstrates that you're willing to try something different.



We have found that the best tool to use is from Vizualize.me, We are in no way linked with these guys. Just in all honesty we have found this to be the best free service out there at the moment.


If you don't already have a LinkedIn account then we would strongly suggest getting one. The networking aspect of bartending is so prominent now that it as never been more important to connect with your fellow professionals. Vizulize.me utilises your LinkedIn details to create your infographic straight from your LinkedIn account. Making it much easier for you and of course halving the workload when it comes to creating a new resume.


Once you are set up with Vizulize.me it will ask you if you want to set up with LinkedIn or with Email. This is up to you but you do have to input your LinkedIn profile at some point so we would go straight with the LinkedIn option.


From here the editor takes you along the rest of the way. You can customise the themes and designs and edit all the data and layouts. Think of it as a paint by numbers way of using photoshop.


We highly recommend that you jump on this now before all this becomes a paid service. Share your newly made bartender resume with us and the winner will get an extra special prize.


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For more reading on the subject take a look at:

Jeffery Morgenthaler's advice on a bartender resume.

And what the job of a bartender entails.


bar setup & breakdown checklist

Bar Setup & Breakdown Checklist

We have developed a great tool that helps you put procedures in place and restore some order to the business. The Bar Setup & Breakdown Checklist is to be used every day and every week. It has day to day jobs as well as cleaning tasks.

This Bar Setup & Breakdown Checklist doesn't take much explaining. It is pretty much plug and play and change things where you see fit. I will put up screenshots for the Monday.

Lets take a look.


Bar setup



Here we have the template for the Monday Opening Procedure

I will only show Monday on here but template does obviously have set ups, breakdowns and cleaning lists for everyday of the week.

You can quite easily chop and change all the jobs around as well as delete and add your own as we understand that every bar is different.

Let's take a look at Mondays Cleaning lists

Cleaning List


And finally the bar breakdown part, or 'End of Night Clean down' as it is sometimes referred to.


Breakdown Checklist


As we said at the start, it is all pretty much self explanatory but if you do have issues then let us know below and we will get right onto them.


costings tool

Costings Tool | Cocktails and Shots

This is our Costings Tool for both cocktails and shots. We realise that most bar owners won't allow you to put on your new extravagant menu without first having one of these on their desk.

Just because you won’t be allowed to create and sell your own cocktails without showing they can make money first doesn't mean you shouldn't try though.

But using this will certainly give you the upper hand.

This one is a little trickier to manage than our other tools. But no reward comes without first putting in the effort.

Let's take a look

Costings tools


Step one

This make take a while... In the pricing's section on the right, input your relevant currency, prices and products

Important: there is a formula between the full price and the shot price. Input the full amount of bottle cost, then in the formula it should be divided by amount of shots per bottle. (In this case it is 28 as this is how many shots are in a standard sized bottle)

Important: If you have a smaller bottle you will also have to change the formula to be how many shots per bottle on that one particular line.

Step Two

So each of the blue sections are designed to be where you will input information.

Cocktail name on the left

Under SPEC, this is wear you will list each ingredient.

Under QUANTITY, this is where you put the amount of each ingredient in ml.

important: this is a decimal point amount. please note that the template is of 25 ml but just change this to ounce, shot, 30ml etc...

Under COST, this is where you take the info from the table on the right and enter it.

Step Three

This is where you can play around with how much to charge for each cocktail.

In the section called GROSS SALE, is where you will input the price the customer will pay.

Important: the price you charge the customer will determine what the GP% is for the drink. the higher the GP the more money made (if you work on Beverage Costs then this is just the opposite of GP% i.e GP=75% then Beverage Cost=25%)

So the GP% column is where the bar owners will be looking.

It is okay to have some drinks with a fairly low GP% (mid to high 60's) as long as you have others that are very high (90's) on your menu.

The Costings Tool also works out the GP% of all cocktails on the page as an average to allow you to do so


We know that this a lot to understand. If you Have ANY questions about costings in general or how to use the Costings Tool then do not hesitate to ask in the comments.




Server Report Tool

Productivity tool for your bartenders so they can be as productive as possible for you. You need to get the most out of every individual and with the Server Report Tool that is now so simple.

The Server Report Tool is set out so you can print it off before each shift and stick up so all staff know where they are to be and what they are to be doing at all times. Think of it as a daily calendar for the staff.


server report tool


The empty boxes are for you to put in the names of your staff. Change it around to suite your business.

BB = Barback

FOH = Front of house (glassy)

The section in the bottom write is for the End Of Night Jobs so people know just where they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to be doing at all times.

The bottom left was designed to be used as a communication section for anything that needs to be pushed that shift, incentives in place, things the bar as run out of etc...


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Any issues, give us a shout in the comments and we will help you out