facts about alcohol

7 Amazing Facts About Alcohol That You Don't Know

Hopefully these facts about alcohol are all new to you...

It only takes 6 minutes to feel the effects of alcohol

Facts about alcohol

You know on some days when you have your first beer and it hits you right away? It happens from time to time. Well we all run the risk of being called a lightweight at this point, all your friends are fine but your not. Well they aren't either! Stop worrying. it has been scientifically proven that it only takes 6 minutes for alcohol to effect your brain, so one drink really does go straight to your head.

Scientists have found that 6 minutes after drinking an amount of alcohol equivalent to three beers, or two glasses of wine, changes have already taken place in the brain cells.

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If you have blue eyes, you can drink more... yep it's true

facts about alcohol

Now we don't don't know if this harks back to the Vikings but genetics certainly has something to do with it. Scientists have proven that people with lighter eyes and more specifically blue eyes have a higher tolerance to alcohol. They first tested 10,860 Caucasian men, while the second sample set was made up of 1.862 Caucasian women.

The results were that blue eyed people can last longer, drink harder and react better to higher levels of alcohol. On a side note, i have blue eyes. This explains a lot.

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Alcohol doesn't make you forget anything

facts about alcohol

Right okay bare with us here. It's not that alcohol makes you forget - what it does is it actually makes it impossible for your brain to make memories. This is when you are 'Blackout Drunk'. Let me explain a little more; but firstly, its not like what the Men In Black use.

Blackouts are caused by a neurophysiological chemical disruption in the brain’s memory formation centre – the hippocampus. In simpler terms this means that your brain loses the ability to make a memory. It doesn't mean that you are so drunk you are on the floor. You could be the funniest person in the bar but not remember it the next day. It is almost like your brain is so drunk it forgets to hit record and has fun instead.

But for clarification, You don't forget anything. It's just that your brain couldn't record what you were doing.

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The Russians didn't consider beer to be an alcoholic beverage until 2013

facts about alcohol

It is unclear as to why, It could be to due to the water content in beer or that it's strength is so far below the national drink of vodka. But one thing is for certain, beer was not sold as a recognised alcoholic beverage until New Years Day 2013.

Since this shift in policy towards beer many Russians feel that it has been counterproductive with lots of people moving over to the stronger harder vodka.

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The strongest beer in the world has an ABV of 67.5%

facts about alcohol

Okay, so a show of hands, who's had this? The holy grail of bucket list beers.

It's name is 'Snake Venom'. It started life as a beer called 'Armageddon' and customers complained that it wasn't strong enough... well it was only 65% after all.

It is the creation of Brew Meister a company from Scotland who have made this beer a world record holding beer. Well done guys!

‘Snake Venom’ is now the world’s most potent beer and boasts of a dizzying 67.5% alcohol content. It comes with a warning and you’d be foolish not to pay heed to it. Drinking more than 35 ml, in one sitting, is not advisable.

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In professional shooting alcohol is a performance enhancing drug...

facts about alcohol

Alcohol slows your heart rate and relaxes your body. These are desirable traits for a professional shooter. But use of it is banned by the World Anti Doping Agency

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There is such a thing as hangover free beer

facts about alcohol

That's it. It's official. We now live in the future!

We need to thank the Aussie scientists who have created a beer which hydrates you and so stops a hangover from happening.

They put electrolytes in the beer and found that it was three times more hydrating. What a great day.

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So there we have it, 7 facts about alcohol that i hope you didn't already know. If you have more you want to share with us then leave a comment below. Now i've got to go, I've got some beer to drink.

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Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser: How It Works

How fast can you pull a pint? well with the Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser System you can do 44 pints a minute and when pushed it can reach speeds of up to 56 pints a minute.

That’s seriously fast.

Couple that with the fact that it gives you a ‘perfect’ pint every time. well, as you can guess it is taking the bartending and hospitality world by storm.


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A lot of people have been asking me how this machine actually works? How does it seal itself back up a abottoms up beer dispensergain?

Well the answer is magnets. The glasses have a fridge magnet style floppy circular strip that sits on the hole at the bottom. The hole is surrounded by a tin ring, when the cup is placed on the dispenser it pushes up the magnet breaking the seal and beer is allowed to flow into the cup. The beer dispense is set to a timer, in the same way a soft drinks machine is at a McDonalds.


When the beer has finished dispensing you take the cup out straight up and the magnet flops straight onto the ring covering the hole creating a seal. Be warned though if you push your finger through the hole and disturb the magnet then the beer will obviously fall out. But you gotta try it at least one time though hey?

Heres a video below from the inventor and owner Josh Springer for a visual on how it works.




Hope this answers your questions. If you are scared that machines are taking your job then you had better brush up what it takes to be a great bartender.

If anyone knows of any other great inventions for the world of bartending then we would love to hear about it!