Everything You Will Need To Know About Rum: What's In That Bottle


Rum has a reputation for being a poolside favourite, but it can also be enjoyed in the chillier seasons too. Here's your guide to what's inside a bottle of rum

 Our friends at have compiled a guide with everything you need to know about what's in a bottle of the good stuff. Cheers! Take it away guys, let's hear about rum...

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With several flavour palettes ranging from fruity and grassy to caramel and cinnamon, it can be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail as we all know.

Let's get a very quick overview of what that sweet stuff is made from;

Rum is made from either fermented sugarcane juice or molasses that is distilled to become alcohol at about 80 proof or higher.

Molasses-based rums take over 11 tons of molasses to make one gallon of 110-proof rum, which is what the majority of rums on the market today are made from.

Gone are the days when it could only be enjoyed with coke, today's drinker demands sophistication. Next time you are hosting a party or serving a customer, impress them with a Bermudian Dark ‘n’ Stormy or the Caribbean inspired Mai Tai. If you are drinking rum on the rocks or bringing a bottle to your next housewarming, you will want to aim for a higher quality rum with more complexities or richness - try an añejo or Agricole.

Gauge a rum’s quality by a taste for the price, but keep in mind, you can’t go too far wrong!

So next time a customer asks you “What is a GOOD rum”? You will know the answer! For more information on your favourite beverage check out Kayleigh Kulp’s take on Everything You Need to Know About Rum.

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cure a hangover

How To Cure A Hangover Before It Takes Over You

cure a hangover

You know the feeling – a pounding headache, serious drowsiness and a level of irritability usually reserved for children’s birthday parties. Yep, it's the dreaded hangover, but do we know how to cure a hangover?

In an industry where appreciating an alcoholic beverage after a long evening of entertaining is a standard practice, sometimes the side effects can sneak up on even the most seasoned slingers.

Whether you’ve had one beer or four, a hangover can strike when you least expect it. Prevention is possible, but when that doesn’t work – there are cures from around the world that can change the game and get you back on your feet.

Our friends at have compiled a guide with everything you need to know in order to avoid a hangover. Cheers!

If you want to read the full, and potentially pain saving, article from the guys then you can check it out on their blog  and fully delve into how to cure a hangover.

Right! - How to cure a Hangover 101


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What's your favourite hangover cure?

What stories have you heard about others trying to cure a hangover?

We will leave you with a quote from 'A Beautiful Mind'

'Did you know that having a hangover is not having enough water in your body to run your Krebs cycles? Which is exactly what happens to you when you're dying of thirst. So, dying of thirst would probably feel pretty much like the hangover that finally bloody kills you.'

Just remember, Your hangover isn't as bad as it could be...