How fast can you pull a pint? well with the Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser System you can do 44 pints a minute and when pushed it can reach speeds of up to 56 pints a minute.

That’s seriously fast.

Couple that with the fact that it gives you a ‘perfect’ pint every time. well, as you can guess it is taking the bartending and hospitality world by storm.


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A lot of people have been asking me how this machine actually works? How does it seal itself back up a abottoms up beer dispensergain?

Well the answer is magnets. The glasses have a fridge magnet style floppy circular strip that sits on the hole at the bottom. The hole is surrounded by a tin ring, when the cup is placed on the dispenser it pushes up the magnet breaking the seal and beer is allowed to flow into the cup. The beer dispense is set to a timer, in the same way a soft drinks machine is at a McDonalds.


When the beer has finished dispensing you take the cup out straight up and the magnet flops straight onto the ring covering the hole creating a seal. Be warned though if you push your finger through the hole and disturb the magnet then the beer will obviously fall out. But you gotta try it at least one time though hey?

Heres a video below from the inventor and owner Josh Springer for a visual on how it works.



Hope this answers your questions. If you are scared that machines are taking your job then you had better brush up what it takes to be a great bartender.

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If anyone knows of any other great inventions for the world of bartending then we would love to hear about it!



Joel Mitchell

Having worked within the hospitality trade for over 15 years I've done a lot. From scraping plates to the managing of 150+ staff and regularly creating thousands in revenue per week. My passion is creating a winning team that blows the competition away. There is no greater feeling than seeing the staff's achievements. So share away and let's all be better bartenders.

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