Below is  a crude table that i made up quickly as i was asked about how we know what garnishes go with what spirit and what mixer combination in a classical sense. I hope this answers some questions. Remember be better at all times!

Every drink must be served and garnished exactly the same by every bartender it creates a continuity that will people coming back to your bar over and over again. Garnishes should always be placed directly next to the straw, never just dumped into the drink. This means when the customer takes a sip of their drink the garnish is directly underneath their nose providing a fresh aroma to enhance the overall drinking experience.

Wjat garnish goes with what drink

Note these guidelines are for spirit & mixers not for cocktails. Cocktails should be served perfectly balanced and the garnish can be used by the customer to alter the balance to their preference.

Remember that you don’t have to stick to this, this is how classically spirit and mixers are garnished. Have fun and play around. Also some spirit brands call for a particular garnish with their spirit., such as Hendricks and cucumber when mixed with tonic.

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