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This is our Costings Tool for both cocktails and shots. We realise that most bar owners won’t allow you to put on your new extravagant menu without first having one of these on their desk.

Just because you won’t be allowed to create and sell your own cocktails without showing they can make money first doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try though.

But using this will certainly give you the upper hand.

This one is a little trickier to manage than our other tools. But no reward comes without first putting in the effort.

Let’s take a look

Costings tools


Step one

This make take a while… In the pricing’s section on the right, input your relevant currency, prices and products

Important: there is a formula between the full price and the shot price. Input the full amount of bottle cost, then in the formula it should be divided by the number of shots per bottle. (In this case it is 28 as this is how many shots are in a standard-sized bottle)

Important: If you have a smaller bottle you will also have to change the formula to be how many shots per bottle on that one particular line.

Step Two

So each of the blue sections are designed to be where you will input information.

Cocktail name on the left

Under SPEC, this is where you will list each ingredient.

Under QUANTITY, this is where you put the amount of each ingredient in ml.

important: this is a decimal point amount. please note that the template is of 25 ml but just change this to ounce, shot, 30ml etc...

Under COST, this is where you take the info from the table on the right and enter it.

Step Three

This is where you can play around with how much to charge for each cocktail.

In the section called GROSS SALE, is where you will input the price the customer will pay.

Important: the price you charge the customer will determine what the GP% is for the drink. the higher the GP the more money made (if you work on Beverage Costs then this is just the opposite of GP% i.e GP=75% then Beverage Cost=25%)

So the GP% column is where the bar owners will be looking.

It is okay to have some drinks with a fairly low GP% (mid to high 60’s) as long as you have others that are very high (90’s) on your menu.

The Costings Tool also works out the GP% of all cocktails on the page as an average to allow you to do so



We know that this a lot to understand. If you Have ANY questions about costings in general or how to use the Costings Tool then do not hesitate to ask in the comments.



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