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A lot of bartenders who are out of work each and everyday pound the pavement with a satchel full of bartender resume’s and hand them out to each and every bar. We see this as a right of passage, every bartender as done this once or twice, if not more. But what if there was a way you could gain an edge?


You need that edge. You need to set your resume apart from all the rest of us. So what that you won an award in 2006 for an Espresso Martini competition. The employer isn’t going to see this because they have another 60 CV’s just sitting in their pigeon hole. Set yourself apart from the rest with an infographic resume.


Bartender Resume


The purpose of an infographic is to consolidate a large amount of information and present it in an appealing and insightful way, making it easy and interesting to digest. More importantly, it demonstrates that you’re willing to try something different.


We have found that the best tool to use is from, We are in no way linked with these guys. Just in all honesty, we have found this to be the best free service out there at the moment.


If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account then we would strongly suggest getting one. The networking aspect of bartending is so prominent now that it as never been more important to connect with your fellow professionals. utilises your LinkedIn details to create your infographic straight from your LinkedIn account. Making it much easier for you and of course halving the workload when it comes to creating a new resume.


Once you are set up with it will ask you if you want to set up with LinkedIn or with Email. This is up to you but you do have to input your LinkedIn profile at some point so we would go straight with the LinkedIn option.


From here the editor takes you along the rest of the way. You can customise the themes and designs and edit all the data and layouts. Think of it as a paint by numbers way of using photoshop.


We highly recommend that you jump on this now before all this becomes a paid service. Share your newly made bartender resume with us and the winner will get an extra special prize.


Press to get


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