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Founder: Dan Aykroyd
Year Founded: 2008
Distillery Location: St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada
Master Distiller / Blender: Phil Power, master distiller


Actor, screenwriter and Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd unleashed the – three-litre – size of his Crystal Head vodka.


The Saturday Night Live cast member and writer and star of Ghostbusters first launched his vodka, which is filtered through semi-precious crystals known as Herkimer diamonds and bottled in glinting glass models of human skulls back in 2008, and it seems the original Crystal Head Vodka is just as memorising as always.


The bottles are modelled on a controversial and mysterious set – numbering around a dozen – of crystal skulls that many believe were carved thousands of years ago by ancient Mesoamericans.


An extraordinary range of supernatural powers have been attributed to these, with some New Age mystics insisting the skulls contain the history of the entire world because they have the ability to pictorially record all events that happen around them and all the people who come into contact with them.


Needless to say such Indiana Jones type claims are so extraordinary that scientists have seen fit to investigate some of the skulls in question and draw the conclusion that they appear to have been carved using machines only available since the 19th century.


Even so, an air of mystery lingers and there is something haunting about even the newly designed Crystal Heads, made by Bruni Glass in Italy, with their cargo of vodka, which pours through the top of the skull as if decanting brains through a trepanning hole.


Crystal Head vodka is made from Canadian corn and glacial meltwater from around the island of St John in Newfoundland, hundreds of miles from the nearest major conurbation. It goes through four distillation processes and is then filtered seven times, the last three times through those Herkimer diamonds.

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crystal head vodka


Now that should have tickled your tastebuds


But what do we bartenders think about it?


The vodka itself has character. Smooth, with a little bit of burn. Some liquorice on the finish that tends to linger. And who doesn’t like lingering liquorice in a vodka?


But apart from the tastes it all about the looks, and it looks really good


The first time we saw it was at a cocktail convention in Manchester, England back in 2008 just before it came to market. I remember very clearly looking around at the people we were with and everyone was in absolute awe. We ordered two bottles for our back bar.


You have to remember that at this time in our lives we didn’t think vodka all that exciting.


But when we saw the skull glistening against the halogen lamps of a convention centre vodka suddenly became very exciting again for us.


It is designed by the American artist John Alexander and fast became a fashionable drink. Crystal Head Vodka was not only created by a celebrity but is also a favourite of rock legend Keith Richards and actor Johnny Depp.



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Sampled on 30/06/2015



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