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What is Agave?

We can split this answer into two parts depending on what aspect of Agave you are looking for..


What is an Agave plant?
What is Agave Syrup or Nectar?


The Agave plant grows in Mexico, plus some parts of South Africa, and that is what we create our Tequila’s and Mezcals from.


We have already written an in-depth look on how the Agave plant becomes tequila which you can check out for more information by clicking below.


Just About Everything That You Will Need To Know About Tequila


The Nectar or Syrup as it should be known, is a natural sweetener similar in consistency to honey but slightly thinner. This is a by-product of the Tequila making process but is exceptional in some cocktails.



Here’s some of the better cocktails that use Agave syrup

  • Tommy’s Margarita
  • Mezcal Flip
  • Anejo Old Fashioned
  • Fire & Brimstone
  • Breakfast Margarita


My Favourite as to be the Tommy’s Margarita, here’s a simple recipe for you to try



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