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Bar Spoon

What is a Bar Spoon?

A bar spoon is a long-handled spoon that is used for stirring and layering drinks.



You’ll first need to take the spoon in your best hand, placing it into the mixing glass taking care to ensure the base of the spoon is against the glass. As you move the spoon follow the shape of the glass, letting the neck of the spoon rotate between your fingers as it goes around.


The aim here is to get the ice and liquid ingredients to move as one, taking care to not jumble the ice or crack cubes as you go. The end result should be a perfectly diluted and balanced cocktail.


Let’s look at some of the main components of a bar spoon…


Why does it have a flat end?

This has a variety of uses.


It can be used to crush soft fruits such as berries, gentler than a muddler. Or even for crushing sugar cubes to speed up the dissolving process.


It also plays a part in the layering of drinks which we will go into soon.


How much is ‘one bar spoon’ measurement?

This varied depending on the type of bar spoon that you have.


It varies from 1ml to 5ml of liquid held on the spoon it’s self. You are safe to work off the presumption that 5ml is a max amount.


What are those ridges about?

This is where ‘layering’ comes into play.


It’s the process of pouring lighter distilled products like vodka on top of heavier ones such as syrups or liqueurs.


Using the flat end and the twisted ridges of your bar spoon, you start pouring midway down the stem. The liquid travels around the twirled ridges rather than straight down into the drink. When the liquid hits the flat end it disperses even slower over the heavier liquid in the glass and ‘floats’ on top.


Here’s a video for more on getting this technique right.




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