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Blend/Blended (whisky)

What does Blended mean when it comes to Whisky?

Blended Whisky is when different whiskeys are literally added together (blended as one) with each other

Generally this is with a single malt scotch and other lesser whiskeys or sometimes neutral grains, colourings etc…


Does this automatically mean that Blended Whisky is bad?

No way, but yes sometimes…


Let us explain


Blended Whisky gained a bad reputation because of lesser spirits and flavourings being added to ‘thin’ down the liquid and make the single malt go longer.


It is true that this is an issue, but as with everything. You look into what you are buying.


Some producers create blended whisky to get the best flavours and some do it to lengthen the more expensive single malt with cheap liquid to make their own money go further.


Done right (and in the correct way) blended whisky becomes the smoothest drink that you can have! Perfect for the everyday Dram.


Here’s some great Blended Scotches that are truly quality


1Compass Box The Spice Tree

Key specs – ABV: 46%; Volume: 700ml; Country: Scotland


2Douglas Laings’s Rock Island 

Key specs – ABV: 46.8%; Volume: 700ml; Country: Scotland


3Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Key specs – ABV: 40%; Volume: 200ml; Country: Scotland


4Chivas Regal 18 Year

Key specs – ABV: 40%; Volume: 700ml; Country: Scotland

5Hibiki Suntory Japanese Harmony Whisky

Key specs – ABV: 43%; Volume: 700ml; Country: Japan

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